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Semi-Professional with Finger Protection version of the Asimetrik PRIME model. If you are achieving your first saves or simply want an efficient glove to train this model will be your faithful companion in the learning, not only is manufactured with high performance latex, it is also made to be durable and comfortable.

Backhand: High frequency synthetic latex with great comfort and softness, volume and cushioning mounted on a highly breathable textile base to keep your hand cool.

Cut: Flat, it's is the classic cut. The palm and front are parallel and follow the natural curve of your hand in rest, making it a really ergonomic construction. The latex from the palm is connected to the front by breathable textile. 

Latex: Super soft latex with great cushioning and good grip.

Spines: Finger protection system, which provides strength and reduces risk of injury.

Closure: We have improved the wristband, now it is more technical and functional. It is composed of 2 pieces joined by an elastic that improves the fit to the wrist, provides more strength and safety.

Customizable wristband.

Recommended Use:

        • All-Weather
        • Training
        • Matches
        • Natural grass