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The ALPHA version of Rinat FENIX Superior JD model. This is a very technical, comfortable glove and its fit is very snug, it gives you a fit which is very close-fitting to the hand so you can feel maximum sensation when encountering the ball. Despite this glove being an ultra-light and flexible glove, it feels reinforced generating superior security, which is essentially a top-notch glove because of the characteristics and materials found on this glove.

BACKHAND: Ultra-light neoprene that keeps the interior cool. Rubber inserts located in the main areas of contact with the ball.
CUT: Negative. This cut has the seams on the inside of the glove. Reducing a tad of latex surface but gaining a great close hand fit in return.
PALM: Latex Duo-grip (double palm). The inner layer of latex adheres and adjusts to the hand like a second skin, preventing the glove from moving out of place, it’s extremely comfortable. It is a top-notch latex with great performance, excellent grip, and cushioning.
CLOSURE: Neoprene with high-frequency flex points to provide greater freedom of movement. Elastic wristband on the inside to enable easy entry and exit of the hand, reinforced with a new, aesthetic, and functional elastic wristband that gives support to the wrist. This glove cannot be customized.

Recommended Use:

        • All-Weather
        • High performance training
        • Matches
        • Natural grass