ADIDAS OCEAUNZ PRO WTR Fifa Women's World Cup Ball HT9013

Adidas World Cup 2023 official match ball of the FIFA Women's .
The name "OCEAUNZ" combines the name of the continent, Oceania, plus the host countries.

The graphics are inspired by the coastlines, lakes and waterways of Australia and New Zealand. Additional patterns are inspired by traditional aborigines designs. The FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 logo features 32 squares representing 32 countries coming together in a circular pattern, with a soccer ball at the core.

- Speedshell PU skin with micro and macro textures.
- Thermally bonded seamless construction.
- 20-piece panel enhances aerodynamics and accuracy. Improves swerve of shots.
- CRT-Core improves accuracy, maximum shape and air retention.
- Pearlescent skin.
- Meets FIFA Quality Pro Standards.