JOMA Men's Mundial 2402 Turf MUNS2402TF

Adult indoor football trainers. This model is the ideal option if you are looking for a shoe for your professional practice. Its classic leather upper with reinforced front provides greater resistance allowing the player total control of the ball. The upper is made of very flexible high-quality leather providing resistance, flexibility and breathability during the game. In addition, it includes a mesh part and small perforations in the upper thanks to VTS technology, making this a much more breathable shoe. Thus, ventilation and comfort will be optimal. Microfibre reinforcement of the toe with PROTECTION technology gives fantastic contact with the ball and a lot of control, allowing more precision and power in the shot. The midsole is made of high quality and durable phylon with flex grooves throughout. The application of FLEXO technology helps the shoes to be flexible and the foot strike to be natural. The sole is made of very good quality rubber thanks to DURABILITY technology, offering provides high abrasion resistance.