ADIDAS Men's X Shin Guard Training SOCHC0599


The adidas X range gives you speed and reaction time, but you'll still need to defend yourself from those seeking to stop your lightning-fast runs. These soccer training shin guards are made from lightweight, but tough, plastic molded to the shape of your legs. They allow optimum motion while the EVA cushioning helps you ride out the knocks. Two straps keep everything perfectly in place. Made in part with recycled content generated from production waste, e.g. cutting scraps, and post-consumer household waste to avoid the larger environmental impact of producing virgin content.

  • Shell: 70% polypropylene, 20% EVA, 10% recycled polypropylene injection-molded
  • Hard shield
  • EVA backing
  • Double strap hook-and-loop closures

Material: 95% Polypropylene/5% Thermoplastic Gum