JOMA Men's Mundial 2201 Turf MUNW2201TF


Football boots for adults. This classic model is suitable for playing on synthetic surfaces and turf. It features a leather upper that guarantees better contact with the ball and greater resistance. They are designed to provide high performance.

The upper is made of very flexible premium leather. The advantage of leather is that it is naturally resistant, flexible and breathable. In addition, it includes a mesh part, which further increases the breathability of the shoes.

To make the boots even more breathable, we have added small perforations in the upper with VTS technology. Thus, ventilation and comfort will be optimal. They include microfibre reinforcement at the toe with PROTECTION technology, so they absorb the impact of the ball and permit greater precision and power in the shot.

The insole is made of thermoformed EVA that absorbs impact and the base is made of texon.

The midsole is made of high-quality and durable phylon with grooves all over the surface to ensure greater flexibility. FLEXO technology ensures the shoes are flexible, enabling a natural foot strike.

The sole is made of very good quality rubber thanks to DURABILITY technology. Offers high wear and abrasion resistance.